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Cognitive and Intellectual Impairment Scale

Scores (Weights)

Categories and Scoring Symbols


I. Interpersonal References (including fauna and flora).


B. To unfriendly, hostile, destructive thoughts, feelings, or actions.

1. Self unfriendly to others.


C. To congenial and constructive thoughts, feelings, or actions.

1. Others helping, being friendly toward others.

2. Self helping, being friendly toward others.

3. Others helping, being friendly towards self.


II. Intrapersonal references.


A. To disorientation-orientation, past, present, or future. (Do not include all references to time, place, or person, but only those in which it is reasonably clear the subject is trying to orient himself or is expressing disorientation with respect to these. Also, do not score more than one item per clause under this category.)


B. To self.

1. Injured, ailing, deprived, malfunctioning, getting worse, bad, dangerous, low value or worth, strange.

3. Intact, satisfied, healthy, well.


5. To being controlled, feeling controlled, wanting control, asking for control or permission, being obliged or having to do, think, or experience something.


C. Denial of feelings, attitudes, or mental state of the self.


D. To food.


2. Good or neutral.


III. Miscellaneous.


A. Signs of disorganization.


2. Incomplete sentences, clauses, phrases; blocking.


B. Repetition of ideas in sequence.


2. Phrases, clauses (separated only by a phrase or clause).


IV. References to the interviewer.

A. Questions directed to the interviewer.

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